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Meet Our Team

Bad Glinda Soap Studio is the love child of Heather Eaton and Jake Niceley.

Heather is the Founder, CEO & All Around Big Goddess in Charge. It's her face you see mucking around in the studio, mixing, sniffing, and handcrafting all our luxury soap. Find out more about Heather on

Jake Niceley is our Business Manager, Collaborator & On Premises Shaman. When Jake is not making sure operations at Bad Glinda Soap Studio hum along without any hiccups, he is an award winning audio engineer, sound designer, and Professor of Music Production Technology at Daytona State College. Find out more about Jake on

We are committed to everything we do or we just don't do it. We lavish love and attention on each ingredient and each batch of organic soap. Our mission to nurture and nourish body, senses, and mind. The Bad Glinda Manifesto of Magic guides everything we do.

We believe . . . 

in luxury

in deliciousness & pleasure

in sensuality 

in chocolate

in mystery & magic

in strong coffee

in the power of connection

in tradition 

in curiosity & creativity

in the fundamental goodness of people

in authenticity & integrity

in laughing

in breaking the rules sometimes

We believe it’s okay to swear a little . . . okay, a lot, but don’t tell our mothers or our children.

And most of all, we believe, as the great sage Toby Keith belted out, we need "a little less talk and a lot more action.”

Photo Gallery

Check out behind-the-magic photos of Bad Glinda Soap Studio. Yes, we really do have this much fun!


Watch Heather as she shares her inspirations, philosophy, and her love of the natural world.